One Spirit Festival

SUNDAY SEPT 29th 2019- Come to the One Spirit Festival and have a WALK-IN appointment with a reader.  There are no payments online to capture a time with any reader today.  

A brief introduction to the event facilitators

Celia Tiberio:  

Certified and attuned in the spiritual modalities of Master Level Shambala, Hawaiian Huna, Earth Healing Vibrational Energies, and Multi Dimensional Healing.   She is a 3rd degree Master Teacher of Reiki in the Usui tradition.  She has been assisted in Native American learning experiences with Grandfather Martin of the Hopi Tribe in Arizona.   Celia is dedicated to her photography and sound healing therapies.  The power of Vibrational Alignments through sound, be they instrument or voice, helps you attune your body, mind and spirit energies for optimum well being.   This avenue of attunement is especially beneficial for more experienced travelers on the spiritual path.  Celia is also  a beautiful artist having created many pieces of art over the years. 

Celia is available for Sound Healing Sessions at the Your CBD Store in Clinton, NJ by appointment.

Please take a brochure from her table and set up a session for yourself.  The experience is both refreshing and healing as per your conscious alignment with sound.

Diane J. Clark​:

Certified in many modalities as a retired massage therapist, my journey has walked me through life experiences in hospitals, high schools and senior assistance programs.  I have, and continue to do card readings, and assist people ready to transition.  During this paradigm of change, as we shift our energies to more transparency with each other, open to the "different" that life has to offer.  We begin to embody the lightworker Energies, making our conscious choices based on our collective understanding of how we as humans are evolving in a universe that shifts right along with us.