One Spirit Festival

Thank you, to participating vendors, wonderful visitors and the Community that helped support our endeavors with the One Spirit Festival.  It has been a pleasure to be the host and we are looking forward to May, so 

Save the Date May 2 & 3,  2020 

For the annual Spring One Spirit Festival!

Learn From Expert             Holistic Practitioners 

Speakers Fall 2019 

Be enlightened on a variety of holistic topics at the One Spirit Festival in Clinton, New Jersey. Our featured resource persons will give a talk on topics ranging from essential oils to CBD modalities.

Blossoming Into Light: Leslie Trelor

Frequencies and Essential oils. Learn the importance essential oil frequency is to your well-being and how it raises your own personal frequency.

Dimensions Reiki: 

Jeff Carpenter

Are you listening to Your Chakra? Learn about how we receive energy from other people and how the Chakras inform us how to improve our own energy management.

Your CBD Store: 

Christi Radcliffe

CBD Modalities: 

What is the difference?

Celia Tiberio

Sound in Photos

What would sound vibration look like if you took a photo yourself? Why is sound so important during this paradigm shift?

Karen Adamo

Red Tail Energetics

Sound Meditation 

Himalayan singing bowls. Providing space to calm the mind and spirit, exploring non ordinary states of consciousness.

Adrienne Gammal

Wonderful World of Crystals

Crystals for Guidance , clarity and focus

Learn how to use crystals to open up your intuition and help with focus and clarity, using to direct your intuitions. Come learn how crystals work!

Angelo Rizzo

Sound Spark Productions and Healing Sound Experience

Chakra Clearing with Sound

Join Angelo for an experiencial learning class that will provide you with a great foundation for learning and using sound healing products for yourself or clients.  We will focus on the chakra system.

SATURDAY    9/28

10:30.   Dimensions Reiki

1 1: 15    Red Tail Energetics


12:00    Your CBD Store

12:45     Blossoming Into Light

1:30.      Sound Spark Production/ Healing Sound

              Experience Sat. Only


3:00 - 4:00. Celia Tiberio / Sound in Photos


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SUNDAY  9/29

10:30   Red Tail Energetics

11:15.   Celia Tiberio - Sound in Photos

12:15    Wonderful World of Crystals Sun. Only

1:00      Dimensions Reiki    

1: 45      Your CBD Store

2:30       Blossoming Into  Light

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