One Spirit Festival

Thank you, to participating vendors, wonderful visitors and the Community that helped support our endeavors with the One Spirit Festival.  It has been a pleasure to be the host and we are looking forward to May, so 

Save the Date May 2 & 3,  2020 

For the annual Spring One Spirit Festival!

Vendors Fall 2019

American Eagle Crystals, John Logan

John carries an extensive array of marvelous rocks, minerals, and crystals, and you will find him in his usual spot in the sunshine on the lawn.

We offer classes in Reiki, raindrop technology with essential oils, psychic development, self mastering, aroma harmony, and sound therapy. All therapies offered in person or via Zoom.

Bonnie's Kitchen

Bonnie has been making colloidal silver for 25 years. She also makes creams and other products from organic and wild-crafted herbs. Her tooth powder is the best! She’s in the kitchen here too!

Richard Malz



What are you ready to let go of that is no longer serving you? What is holding you back from your highest potential and living the life you’ve always dreamed of? Allow me to be your guide and serve as a catalyst to help propel you towards your true path. I am blessed to be guided by Spirit to know what healing modalities best serve my clients’ needs in where they are on their own personal journey. Every session is unique and geared to encourage the next breakthrough that gets you where you need to be.

[email protected]

Crystals in Copper

Joan - Czirbik

(Saturday Sept. 28th ONLY)

Hand crafted jewelry from natural gemstones and natural copper. Many of the pieces will fit your metaphysical needs while providing you with a beautiful accessory.

Let Dimensions Reiki become your source for health and balance through their soothing Reiki energy therapy and Jeffrey’s psychic/mediumship readings to promote your total well-being. Dimensions Reiki also offers workshops and programs to help you reach your full potential.

Lisa will have available for purchase artwork called Energetic Emergence (TM) that contains the energy frequencies encompassing color, sound, crystal, elementals, and a high vibration that can be used in multi-levels of healing. The frequency patterns to the energy needed for each individual.

Lisa will also offer crystal intention sets, chakra inspiration chakra inspiration oracle cards, and her book "365 Days of Affirmations for Divine Abundance." 


Hamsa is an exquisitely pleasing scent, carefully crafted with sacred oils from cultures and faiths around the world. The fragrance is packaged in a beautiful bottle adorned with the powerful and ancient symbol of the Hamsa, which provides protection from evil and promotes peace and prosperity

Check out Peter’s fabulous collection of Andara crystals. For those in the know, these are a must-have. They carry a very high master vibration combining 70 minerals. Peter has all sorts of wonderful crystals and metaphysical tools as well as crystal art from his partner, Donna Lish. His Synergy 5 Crystal pack is making quite an impact.

Lynn Coté Designs, Lynn Coté 

Lynn offers handmade yoga mat bags, lavender eye bags, buckwheat hot/cold packs, and other yoga accessories.

Joan offers handcrafted organic and all-natural soaps, lotions, and sprays. Her jewelry items are made by hand using semi-precious gemstones. All items are infused with Reiki.

Virginia's Therapeutic Gemstone Jewelry, Virginia Mosley

Virginia joins us with all her colorful and amazing jewelry creations. She makes lovely necklaces, bracelets, and earrings from a variety of materials, including gemstones. Many of the pieces are designed with specific intent.

Wonderful World of Crystals, Adrienne Gammal

Adrienne is a crystal healer. Stop by to see her selection of crystals and gemstones, pocket stones, wands, clusters, angels, and jewelry. She also has shamanic rattles, feathers and sprays. She is offering a FREE Crystal Consultation for healing.

Your CBD Store

Christi Radcliffe

Christi offers 100% organic and lab-tested CBD oil containing no THC to use either orally or topically. Gummies are available as well. Your pet can benefit too. This CBD oil can help with a wide variety of conditions.

NJ Fairy Hair by Luna Locks

(Sunday Only Sept. 29th)

Enjoy the fun of having the most magical fairy hair in the world embellishing your already lovely locks!  Kelly has years of experience in the placement of fairy sparkle in your hair.  They last an amazingly long time.



instagram Luna Locks-NJFairy Hair

Live AhA

Accessories that compliment your empowered lifestyle.

Divine designs for conscious living.   Wendy provides tools to support positive transformation-through community and wellness products the support mind, body, and spirit activating the five senses.

Sound Spark Production / Healing Sound Experience

Saturday Only

Every object in this universe produces a sound according to its construction. Each object makes a unique sound.  Will yours be harmonious?

Studies have shown sound can structure matter on a molecular level and effect the bodies subtle biofields. Come learn more and experience how sound relates to you!

Redtail Energetics

Karen Adamo

Eden Energy Medicine works with the body's primary energy systems to locate and correct energy imbalances.   Find out more from Karen and enjoy a session with her.

Pain Massage Solutions, LLC

Elizabeth is a licensed massage therapist, from the Cortiva Institute School of Massage, here to do chair massage for the pleasure of relaxation. She will offer 10 and 20 minute sessions for a nominal fee.  Her goal is to aid your muscles in the healing process provided through Swedish Massage.  Increasing circulation and decreasing stress greatly aids in bringing your muscles to a total state of relaxation for the purpose of healing.

Joe Werfelman Enterprises

Books, White Sage, Oracle Cards, Tarot Card Decks, Music and did I mention (BOOKS at 50% off)!

Visit Joe's table, stay a while and scout out the wonderful products he offers for sale.  There's always room to find treasures in unexpected places.  Come search for yours.

Wear at Your own Wrist

Pauline Conrad

Fine Holistic Jewelry made from earth's gifts.

The properties of the crystals you choose, hold special meaning, and healing.  Ask Pauline to enlighten you about all the beautiful energy when choosing your crystal bracelet.  The works of art are simply stunning.

Harvest Dreams Healing

Mary Spitz

The energy healing of your dreams.  Harvest your dream energies for healing with conscious intent.

Stop by to visit Mary and learn what she has to show you through harvesting dream energy.

Saturday 28th. ONLY

Wood Carvings and Bamboo Walking Sticks

Ray Clark

Made by hand from the spirit of the heart, each carving brings a sense of whimsy to life.  All the bamboo is home grown and harvested to make sturdy reliable walking sticks.  Find the piece that speak to you.

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